Here, drawn into relief in the digital expanse, is a record of one teacher student relationship, for others to look in on, engage with, and hopefully find some kind of solidarity.

In short, we are not monastics or renunciates; nor are we part of a privileged community which can choose to stay out of it. We’re right at the centre of it. 

It is a staple food in Ayurvedic healing, used any time one is feeling weak or off-kilter, or if digestion is not operating smoothly.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, the non indigenous leaves are turning, the native trees are peeling, and the brightest birds are back in full cackling glory, munching away at gums and seeds. The days are growing shorter, steadily, as we edge toward solstice, on June 21. This is winter solstice: the shortest, darkest day of […]